Key Control Systems


Finally affordable key control for everyone.

  • Know who accessed your key box
  • Know why a key was removed
  • Know how long the key was out down to the minute
  • Data stored in Microsoft Cloud 
  • State of the art technology with touch screen access (you don't have to pay extra for our touchscreen access)
  • Keys tags are all RFID

Have you always wanted one but didn't have $10,000+ available in the budget for just one box?

Hello RezKeys! Goodbye paper logs!

We offer two systems a Base and an Advanced Key Box System

Whats the difference between Base and Advanced Systems?

The number one difference on the advanced system is there is intelligence built into each slot for increased security and convenience. (each slot has its own sensor.)

  • When someone is picking up a key but they pull the wrong key, it lets them know that it should not be pulled out.
  • Keys can be returned to any slot. (NO having to look at each key to find the key not put back in the "correct" slot)
  • The Slot lights up to notify which key is to be pulled.

RezKeys Pricing