The Perfect Blend of High Tech and Personal Interaction


Let us help you bring the word "Community" back into your Apartment Community

RezApp's RezTracking program allows you to check out almost anything that you can imagine to your residents and its lightning fast with the swipe of a wrist.

With the information stored in the cloud you will know who has the item and when they received it.  

Item not returned on time? No worries. RezTracking will automatically send them a daily reminder by text and/or email, once the item is past due. No more phone calls asking to return the item.  And with the built in ability to collect late fees, you can even earn a little revenue for your property.

We are amazed at the items communites are now tracking with RezTracking

From Laptops, Bikes, Board Games, Books, Towels, TV Remote Controls, Sporting Equipment, Movies, Video Games, Gym Passes, Jumper Cables, Maintenance Tools to Shopping Carts or even Vacuums and many other items, if it's something you want to check out to your residents or maintenance staff RezTracking can do it!

Other types of things RezTracking will do:

  • Track actual attendance at community events.
  • Provide a breakfast or other meal to your residents? Know that only current residents use the amenity.
  • Track printed copies by individual resident.